शनिबार, अशोज १०, २०७७

||    Shuklaphanta National Park: Wildlife Rescue Detail (076/077)   || शुक्लाफाँटा राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्जः राजश्व आम्दानी (०७६/०७७)   || Shuklaphanta National Park: Global Tiger Day 2020 Celebrated   || शुक्लाफाँटा राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्ज: पर्यटक संख्या (०७६/०७७)   ||

Amphibians – Shuklaphanta National Park

शुक्लाफाँटा राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्ज: पर्यटक संख्या (०७६/०७७)

Amphibians of The Shuklaphanta National Park

A total of 15 species of amphibians represented by eight genera in four families have been recorded so far from the Shuklaphanta National Park. All the recorded amphibians comprised anurans only. For more detail please go through the paper Herpetofauna of Shuklaphanta National Park.

Code ORDER Family English Name Nepali Name Scientific Name
1 Anura Bufonidae Asian Common Toad कालो काँडे खस्रे भ्यागुतो Duttaphrynus melanostictus
2 Anura Bufonidae Marbled Toad छिरबिरे खस्रे भ्यागुतो Duttaphrynus stomaticus
3 Anura Microhylidae Narrow Mouth Frog पुड्के भ्यागुतो Microhyla spp.
4 Anura Microhylidae Globular Balloon Frog डल्ले भ्यागुतो Uperodon globulosus
5 Anura Microhylidae Marbled Balloon Frog छिरबिरे डल्ले भ्यागुतो Uperodon systoma
6 Anura Microhylidae Painted Frog पाङँग्रे भ्यागुतो Uperodon taprobanicus
7 Anura Dicroglossidae Skittering Frog ढोलबाजे पाहा Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis
8 Anura Dicroglossidae Pierre’s Cricket Frog पिर्रे किर्थे भ्यागुतो Minervarya pierrei
9 Anura Dicroglossidae Syhadra Cricket Frog किर्थे भ्यागुतो Minervarya syhadrensis
10 Anura Dicroglossidae Terai Cricket Frog तराई टिक टिके पाहा Minervarya teraiensis
11 Anura Dicroglossidae Jerdon's Bull Frog मेघा Hoplobatrachus crassus
12 Anura Dicroglossidae Indian Bull Frog सिर्के पाहा Hoplobatrachus tigerinus
13 Anura Dicroglossidae Burrowing Frog रानी भ्यागुतो Sphaerotheca spp.
14 Anura Rhacophoridae Common Tree Frog कटमेघी Polypedates maculatus
15 Anura Rhacophoridae Terai Bush Frog छ धर्के रुख भ्यागुतो Polypedates taeniatus